Deck the Halls… with Walls of Frames?

I am a huge fan of the gallery wall trend. I think it is such a fun way to break up space and add visual interest. I feel in love with the idea of a gallery hallway (like this one) the minute we entered our house during the walkthrough. We have an awkward little hallway that leads from our entryway into the breakfast nook. Check out this blurry (its the only one we have) picture from our walk through.


After moving in, and painting the walls gray I still knew that I wanted to try the gallery hallway. We have been stocking up on frames slowly over the past two months. I grabbed some frames on our Ikea trip and I have been hitting up Michael’s frame sales. The gal at the checkout counter recognizes me now and we chat about my love for gallery walls. It is equal parts awesome and embarrassing. After a bunch of trips, I ended up with quite the pile.


I figured that would be enough to get us started. So, I began to lay out the frames on our kitchen floor and realized that that HUGE pile of frames would only be enough for the large wall. UGH. We decided to hang them anyway and start the piles over for the other side of the hallway. I figured this would also give me the opportunity to decide if I liked the effect before splurging on a bunch more frames.

Wow. I love it. Here is an in progress shot. A bunch of my frames were various shades of brown or black so I just gave them a quick coat of Valspar spray paint and snapped this picture while I waited the obligatory 24 hours while they cured outside. .


Here is another in progress  view from the kitchen. How fun!


We still have to fill a bunch of the frames with art and I have some posts coming up about filling the awkward holes and what to do with broken frames (DIY chalkboard and cork board, duh!) I will also keep you updated as we replenish Mt. FramePile to finish the rest of the hall.

How do you feel about gallery walls? Gallery halls? What about hallways in general?


4 thoughts on “Deck the Halls… with Walls of Frames?

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