I love you because…

In the post about our theatre corner, you may have noticed a small frame sitting on top of the bookshelf.


This is one of those simple things that really makes me smile. I am sure you have seen “I love you because…” prints all over Pinterest.  We had this cute heart framed print in our apartment and I was so happy to find it a special place in our home.

"I love you because" Print

I honestly cannot remember where I got mine from as it was a few years ago, I tried to search to find this print with no luck. I think they may be an older design from Kiki & Company, but I am really not sure. Regardless,  there are a ton of free printables out there now to fit any home decor scheme.

Here are the blue and gray prints that I have used in my home. I have them printed in a 4×6 frame.

I love you because print 1




I love you because print 2

I love these prints and I think it is a really fun way to say “Thank You” or to let your family know that you notice the little things. Right now ours says ” I love you because… you help me learn my lines” My play opens in 2 weeks and I am so thankful that Kurt is always willing to help me out!  What is your favorite version of the “I love you” print?


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