West Michigan Wednesday: Crossroads Blueberry Market

One of the things we love most about our home is the location! We love living in Grand Haven and enjoy many activities in and around our town. I wanted to create a series that explores some of the great things that West Michigan has to offer.

west michigan wednesday

Michigan is definitely known for our cherries, especially further up north near Traverse City. Around here, we have lots of blueberry farms. Crossroads Blueberry Market is local family owned and operated blueberry farm/market. It is so stinking cute!


I have been wanting to visit all summer! It is located a little out of the way, right here in Grand Haven. I finally had the chance to stop in last week! I wanted to try everything.


Everything in the market is made with Michigan Blueberries


They have cute gift baskets and lots of blueberry treats.


There is also a full bakery with cookies, muffins, and bread.


I picked up a bunch of stuff… never go here when you are hungry!


We tried the blueberry muffin.


The Snackers McLovin’ Popcorn. It is a carmel/frosting coated popcorn with chocolate covered blueberries!


Blueberry Almond Brittle. This is great if you are a fan of dark chocolates. The blueberries add a bit of a bitter taste to the chocolate, it is great with a tall glass of milk!


And  a Milk Chocolate Blueberry and Caramelized Cocoa Nibs bar


I will definitely be stopping back in again throughout the summer. I can’t wait to try the blueberry apple bread and pick up some ice cream!  What is your favorite thing to do in West Michigan?





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