Top Billing… on our Walls?

Kurt and I both love theatre and studied it in college. We enjoy seeing shows, reading new scripts and try to stay involved in the arts as much as we can. I was really excited to use the awkward corner in our living room to keep all of our scripts.

I do most of my reading in bed, so the majority of our books (and my kindle) will be kept in our bedroom. However, it is nice to have our scripts at an easier access for guests as we often trade scripts with friends.  I wanted to create a theatre focal point in this odd corner of our living room, as our layout is a little funky with the built ins and placement of our TV.  I thought it would be fun to frame some of the playbills that we have collected and display them as art.

Frame and Display Playbills as Artwork

I found six playbills stored away that looked kind of cool together and have some sentimental value. I just popped them in some frames that I picked up from Michael’s on sale for $5 each! What a steal! They always have the best sales on frames.  Kurt hung the frames on the wall in an abstract-checkerboard-grid-type-thing and I really love how it turned out.

Starting at the top, we have the playbill from “Wicked” which we saw when we were living in Chicago for our 3 year “little anniversary” in 2007.   We started to call the date we became boyfriend and girlfriend our “little anniversary” after we got married to keep things straight. Basically we just like an excuse to celebrate anything. 🙂

Frame and Display Playbills as Artwork

Kurt and I saw “The Wedding Singer” in New York on Broadway for our first anniversary when we were dating in 2006. It was after this whirlwind trip (we drove through the night, 12 hours, to see a play) which we planned in a couple of hours that I knew Kurt was the one for me.

Frame and Display Playbills as Artwork

The playbills from “Buddy Holly” and “Meet Me In St. Louis” are from productions that we saw while living in Chicago.

Frame and Display Playbills as Artwork

A friend from college was in both of these shows so it was a really fun experience.

Frame and Display Playbills as Artwork

“The Pain and The Itch” and “Lion King” are from my first visit to Chicago. I went to a conference for the American Alliance for Theatre in Education and I absolutely fell in love with the city.

Frame and Display Playbills as Artwork

These two shows were my favorite from that trip.

Frame and Display Playbills as Artwork

The styling of the bookshelf isn’t quite where I want it  yet, but I did have a lot of fun organizing the scripts by color! I’m excited to continue playing with this happy little theatre corner.  Do you have any playbills to frame and display as art?


5 thoughts on “Top Billing… on our Walls?

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    • I’m pretty sure they are the cheapo 8×10 frames from michaels that come with a 5×7 mat.There are usually BOGO deals or about once a month they have them on sale for $5.99 each. I put the playbill in front of the mat so that it shows a little around the edges, since playbills are such an odd shape. 🙂

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