Pinterest Project: Wherever We Are Together…

I really loved putting together our first apartment after we got married. I think I will always remember it fondly and it was a very special place. We were there for three years.  Around Valentines Day in 2011 I saw this project and knew I needed to make something similar.   I had moved every year since I was 18 and it was the third apartment that Kurt and I had lived in together.


I used a shadow box that I picked up on sale from Hobby Lobby. I lined it with two colors of scrapbook paper and added labels underneath the keys. Right to left is the key from our first studio apartment in Chicago, our 2 bedroom apartment in the suburbs and our first apartment as a married couple when we moved back to Michigan.  I used the phrase “Wherever We Are Together, That Is Home.” Little did I know that we would purchase our first home just a few years later. I never thought we would settle down in one place, life is so full of surprises!


I was so excited to add the fourth key! I just used scotch tape to attach the keys and labels and we have had it over two  years with no issues. Everything has stayed nice and secure.


We have the shadow box hanging in our entryway and it is so fun to look back at how far we have come. Our studio apartment in Chicago was probably about the size of our living room! This is such a sentimental piece of artwork and I love that we have found the perfect place for it.

Now I just need a cute entryway table to stash our keys/catch mail/ect. I’ve got my eye on a couple from Target but we are saving up and tackling a couple of smaller projects before buying any more furniture pieces after my Ikea splurge.  Here are a few that I’ve been swooning over lately…

How many times did you move before finding somewhere that stuck? Which entry table to you like best?


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Project: Wherever We Are Together…

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