Bloomin’ Beauties

We just finished a July heat wave here in Grand Haven. The grass is crispy and our house doesn’t have AC. I want to enjoy the cooler weather today by sharing some of the beautiful landscaping and flowers that we inherited with our home.  This summer we aren’t doing any landscaping beyond the bare minimum of mowing the lawn. It has been really fun to see what is coming up courtesy of the former owners. Let me tell you, we have some pretties!

On Moving day our white lilac bush in front of the house was in full bloom.


It smelled beautiful! We had a lilac bush at my home growing up. The smell always takes me back and makes me think of spring!


My parents bought us 3 georgous hanging baskets to brighten up our porch. Two of them are purple and white and the middle has tiny little blue flowers peaking out. I love them!


They also bought us a colorful planter. It didn’t last long because of the shade on our porch but it was beautiful!


We had pretty yellow lilies flower in front of the house within our first week and have also seen orange and red popping up periodically around the yard.


It has been fun to grab fresh cut flowers to brighten up our home this summer. It seems like every day when I step outside there is a new bloom that wasn’t there before! Have you ever been surprised by a new flower peaking out in your yard?


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