Curtain Call!

When we bought our house there were thick floral curtains on the walls in the living room, slider and dining room. They were in pretty good condition but they weren’t quite my style. Check out this picture from the listing. You can also see the light up tree that we got with the house. It is in our basement now.


Those curtains all came down when we painted and we didn’t put them back up. After a couple of weeks being blinded while trying to watch Game of Thrones, it was time to cover up those big, beautiful windows. As you know, we recently picked up some Vivan curtains from Ikea. The Vivan curtains are super inexpensive, as in 9.99 for 2 panels! WOW! This was a perfect solution as our windows were pretty large. I bought six packages of them to cover the living room, slider and dining room.

I picked up some oil rubbed bronze cafe curtains from Target to pop out against the white and gray.  Kurt and Tyler hung them up for me.


It was a full house project, even Daisy helped!


Yes, I know they are kind of wrinkly. I hate to iron (see a theme here) so I just tossed them in the dryer on a de-wrinkle cycle to get out the package creases and then I forgot about them until the guys were ready. Ooops, new wrinkles. I’m hoping that our Michigan humidity will take care of them. I swear, its like a sauna in here.


Gosh, it is hard to take pictures of curtains! I think the bright white looks so pretty next to our bright schoolhouse stools! Please ignore the green crown molding in the kitchen… it is on the list!


So, I’m going to tell you a few things about the Vivan curtains. First, they are long… as in 98 1/2 inches long. We have 8ft ceilings and they hang at the ceiling and touch floor. It makes a beautiful illusion and makes our large windows look even bigger. I’m in love with them! In fact, they are so long that they actually pool a little on the floor.


See how it pools on the floor in our dining room? The weird shadow in the right corner is plexiglass that we found in one of the upstairs closets!


Now, you know I am sewing inept and I think it kinda looks fancy and luxurious, so I’m planning on leaving them as is. The second thing about the Vivan curtains is that they are pretty sheer, I think this creates a lightweight feel on what could be a really heavy look with such long curtains. These are not blackout curtains. It may be possible to add a blackout curtain to the back, but at that point it would probably cost the same to just purchase a thicker option from Ikea or Target. The third thing so point out is the fabric loops on the back. They are actually several groupings of a thin wiry string. The little bits of string catch on the seams in our cafe rod when we try to open and close the curtains. I actually have to stand on our clearance target chairs to guide the strings and close them.


Overall, its not a big deal, considering the price but I can see standing on the chairs getting really old. So, I don’t think these will be “forever” curtains. I think down the line, I’d like to replace them with a thicker grommet style like these ones from Target. They are carrying them now in 95 inches! At $34 a pop it would have been hard to swing right now but they sure are pretty.

There are so many curtain styles to choose from! What curtains do you love? Have you tried out the Ikea Vivan curtains?


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