East Bound and IKEAAA

In June, Kurt and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We went out to dinner a few days before at one of our favorite resturants and snagged this picture on our back deck.


How did I spend our actual anniversary? I went with my brother to IKEA!


My brother is amazing and he drove my parents trail blazer nearly 3 hours to Grand Haven. He spent the night and in the morning we drove back accross the state to go shopping at my Swedish Mecca… err I mean IKEA.


I had a list in mind and a few really fun projects. Here is a peak at what I picked up all packed into the Trailblazer


Oh you can’t tell what all of that is? Well…. a few Billy Bookshelves


Vivan Curtains


A huge Expidit Bookshelf


a few vases and a ton of frames.


I have a lot of fun posts coming up next week! I’m kicking the week off with a fun barstool project and you’ll see what we’ve done with these IKEA projects! Have a great weekend and stay tuned!

What is the best thing you’ve purchased from IKEA? How far is your drive to the Swedish Mecca?


4 thoughts on “East Bound and IKEAAA

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