Parsons for Pennies

Wow did we ever get a deal at Target! We stopped in so I could show Kurt some of the items that I’d been eyeing lately and left with a cart full of clearance. Yes, it happens to me too. One of the best deals I have ever scored at Target are these Parsons chairs. Check ’em out! Side note, I’m not sure why our walls look so blue.


The furniture area was resetting so our store had a focal endcap with a ton of random items on it. We saw those chairs and I freaked out! I had been wanting to grab something like this to use at a farmhouse table down the line or even to keep in our living room for extra seating. And get this, these parsons chairs were 70% off bringing them to  $23 each! And that was just the clearance price, not even counting all the discounts we had! (Team and redcard savings)

Compare that price to Pottery Barn at $249

Or Restoration Hardware has some on sale for $209

Um yeah, that was a no brainer! These chairs are clearance so I don’t know that you’ll be able to track them down, but Target does have a two pack that is similar online right now for $199,

As I said, the furniture area just reset and gosh is the new stuff CUTE! There is an entryway table I have my heart set on.

I swear, I  see this stuff every day but when I go shopping I can’t leave without a cart full! What is the best deal you’ve ever scored at Target?


4 thoughts on “Parsons for Pennies

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