Keep on Rolling

After painting over half of our house in one day, you would think we would be done for a while, right? Nope! Kurt and I both had a week off of work after moving in and we had painting on the top of our list. So, we took the brushes right back outta the fridge and we just kept on rolling.

Our next project was our funny little half bathroom on our main level. It needed paint. So bad. Remember when I said that the whole house was green? Well I lied. We also had some yellow. And some hand painted flowers. No Joke.


Yes. Don’t let those blurry phone pictures from our walkthrough fool you. That is some bright yellow paint with little hand painted flowers and bees. Notsomuch my style.  Here is another view.


So, you see why this bathroom painting project couldn’t wait? Not while we had all of that pretty Fawn Brindle hanging out in the adjoining hallway. I knew from our first walk through that I wanted to try out something fun in this little bathroom. I looked around a lot on Pinterest (like ya do) and found lots of  pretty stripes in bathrooms as seen here and here. So we jumped right in. I happened to have a ton of gray paint swatches on hand and so I went with one of our lighter runner ups. We decided to do the whole bathroom in Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter color matched to Behr in eggshell.


It is a very pretty gray that went really well with Fawn Brindle (by Sherwin Williams color matched to Behr) which we used for our stripes.  We grabbed some trusty frog tape (loved it for our previous painting project and at this point, we figured we would just keep using it and put their tadpoles through college. Also, we love the lids to hold paint for whoever is cutting in.) and started planning out our stripes. I knew I wanted an odd number of stripes to avoid painting near the ceiling or the baseboards. We are bad painters and I didn’t want to push my luck. We ended up deciding on 9 stripes. I just took our total height, we have 8 foot ceilings, and divided it by 9 to get our stripe height. We hate math and measuring so we were shooting for about 10.5 stripes. I figured if it got wonkey near the bottom, no one would be able to tell.

We used a cheapo laser level from home depot and marked out each of our stripes. It was definitely a two person job. Kurt held the level and I marked out little dashes along the line. Then we went through and just lined our Frog Tape along the lines. Let me tell you, It. Was. Tedious. It is important to remember what side of the line you are taping on. We marked the areas where not to paint with a little square of tape.  It seems really confusing but basically you want your tape to be on the outside of where you are painting.  This makes it look like your unpainted stripes are smaller but after you remove the tape they are the same.


And then, as we moved to our second wall, our tape started to sweat off.  I was seriously about ready to cry. We had waited two full days after painting the Revere Pewter before going in with our stripes but my guess is with the humidity of Michigan summers it probably hadn’t cured up yet. ARG. So I did some quick research and found that some people had used a damp paper towel to seal the tape back on. It worked a little bit, but honestly the damage had been done. At this point we had put so much work in that we just decided to keep taping even as it was falling down around us. Sorry, I don’t have a picture because I was freaking out… instead enjoy this one of Kurt smiling through the tears.


After we got everything taped off we started our first coat with the Fawn Brindle. We had to be very careful with our loosey goosey tape and in many areas I just had to freehand a straight line. We have established that I’m not a great painted and I’m telling you I could feel my heart beating in my fingers. Horrifying.


We used the dry time in between coats to decompress with a couple episodes of Game of Thrones. Yes, that should tell you how stressful this painting job was. Nothing like a nail-biting episode of GoT to unwind. Then we jumped back in for a 2nd coat. We followed other blogger’s advice and removed what tape was still stuck to the walls as soon as we were done painting. Literally, after we finished the last stripe (at 3am) I was taking the drop cloth out of the bathroom and our power went out! So, here we are in our brand new house, bumping into stuff and trying to find out where we put our flashlights! We fumbled our way in the dark upstairs and went to bed covered in paint. Can you imagine how frustrated over this project I was feeling? At this point I was thinking “I’m never painting stripes again!”

The next day we admired our stripes a little and I’m just saying my free hand areas really didn’t look that bad! Kurt attached some new, pretty chrome hardware that I had picked up from target.


We stepped back and let me tell you. It. Was. Worth. It.


It looks a little bit jail bird with the gray and gray. If I could do it again, I may go lighter with the stripes since it is such a small space. But lets be real, I don’t even have the energy for touchups. This bathroom is staying this way for a while, smudges and all.


Do you remember how this  started?


And now… Oh Hello, Pretty Stripes! 


We still want to update the light fixture and medicine cabinet down the road. But it is feeling more like our home every day!

And I know I said I was never painting stripes again… but just look at how pretty this closet is? I guess never say never…


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