50 shades of Greige

One of the first things we did after moving in was paint. The ENTIRE house was painted the same  shade of  sage green. Check out some pictures from our walk through!


Yup, that was the color of the whole house. Granted, we have a 1998 open concept floorplan which does make paint variations difficult but good golly green monster!


Now, I don’t hate green, but that is just a lot to commit to. We (read: I convinced Kurt) like the idea of neutral walls and using pops of color in accent pieces.  So the first thing we did was pick out a bunch of neutral greige pant. We visited 5 different hardware stores and this is what we came up with. I present: 50 Shades of Greige.


We landed on “Fawn Brindle” by Sherwin Williams and had it color matched to Behr paint in Eggshell. We have a lot of brown in our upstairs carpet and the kitchen tile backsplash so this was the perfect moody gray/brown. We decided to paint the Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Entry, Downstairs Hall and Upstairs Hall in one shot because of the shared walls in our floorplan. Yes. We were ambitious. It also helped that we have great friends who came back a few days after moving to help us paint!


Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous as the first coat went up. However, we had so many helpers (at one point, there were 7 of us with paint brushes/rollers) we were done with the first coat before I had time to second guess anything!


After a break for Mancino’s grinders we breezed through a second coat and let me tell you it was looking GORGEOUS!


And because I can, lets take a closer look at that Fawn Brindle (who comes up with these names?! Can I please have that job?) next to our fireplace. Hello blurry phone pic!

P.S. How cute is that Subway Art from Eighteen25 ?


From our very first walk through I thought the tile on the fireplace surround was green. Has that ever happened to you? It is so funny how paint/lighting can trick your eye. There is no mistaking that pretty shale gray now. I just want to rub my face on it. It is amazing how much paint can transform a room. It definitely feels more like our home already!


4 thoughts on “50 shades of Greige

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